Glacier National Park Posters and Photos

Montana Stock Photos

Montana Stock Photos and Glacier National Park Posters are the creation of Montana photographer, Paul A Spade.

Paul first saw beautiful Glacier National Park in 1978 during a family Montana Vacation. The family fell in love with the area and moved up in spring of 1979.

Photography had always been a part of his life but really became a passion in 1999 when he could not find quality, reasonably priced photos for his Internet Web Development business.

Glacier National Park photos soon became a major part of Montana Stock Photos, a business created to market Montana photos to businesses and individuals.

Now Montana Stock Photos is expanding its line of photos to include beautiful, high quality posters of Glacier National Park and other posters in the future. These quality posters offer a reasonably price way to remember or prepare for your Montana Vacation and when framed will make a beautiful addition to any wall in your business or residence.

Avalanche Gorge in Glacier National Park Going to the Sun Highway with wildflowers and Red Bus Black Bear Cubs photos and posters
Avalanche Gorge poster features a detailed colorful photo of Avalanche Gorge shot from the Trail of the Cedars bridge across Avalanche Creek. Summertime offers spectacular displays of wildflowers. This photo includes some wildflowers, the iconic "Red Bus" and Mountain Reynolds in the background. This cute photo of two black bear cubs was shot from the famous Going to the Sun Highway on the east side of the Continental Divide.
Logan Pass with wildflowers Mountain Goats of Glacier National Park
The Hidden Lake Trail above Logan Pass offers spectacular views and vibrant wildflowers in the summertime. This photo was shot from the trail toward Mount Reynolds less than a mile from the Logan Pass visitor center. Anyone who has been to Glacier National Park will probably immediately think of mountain goats if asked about the animals they saw in Glacier. The mountain goat has been considered as a symbol of Glacier National Park by many.

JUST IN!. New Paul A Spade posters of Glacier National Park have just been approved for the 2010 Glacier National Park Centennial Signature products line by the Glacier Centennial Committee. These posters will be in production in late 2009. These Centennial posters will include the Glacier Centennial logo and will each have a unique serial number and certificate of authenticity.

Photos by Paul A Spade are featured in Glacier Park area web sites like Flathead Convention and Visitors Center, Flathead Travel, Flathead Valley Golf Association, Buffalo Hill Golf Club, Meadow Lake Golf Course, Montana Photos, Anderson Stone Quarry and many more.